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Sports Committee

Mr. Zain-ul-Abiden M. Ibrahim Pasta
Sports & Recreational Committee
Mr. Ali Ibrahim Ganatra Vice Chairman
Mr. Bilal Hanif Markatiya Secretary
Mr. Kamran Iqbal Gatta Coordinator Hussianabad
Mr. Asif Raza Vayani Coordinator Gulzar-e-Hijri
Mr. Arif Haroon Punjwani Coordinator Memon Society
Mr. Noman Iqbal Pasta Members
Mr. Sualeh A. Rasheed Gaba Members
Mr. Sufyan A. Razzak Jakhura Members
Mr. Usman Abdullah Puwjwani Members
Mr. Sohail A. Hameed Gatta Members
Mr. Ali Aslam Kandawala Members
Mr. Yahya Haroon Vayani Members
Mr. A. Salam Yaseen Darya Members
Mr. Rameez Pasta Members
Mr. Babar Ali Shoukat Ali Jiwani Members
Mr. Zakir Haroon Vayani Members
Mr. Muzammil Jiwani Members
Mr. Arbaz Barai Members
Mr. Aamir Shah Members
Mr. Sadiq Jiwani Members
Mr. Daniyal Punjwani Members
Mr. Mustafa Ali A. Wahid Members
Mr. Altaf Pasta Members
Mr. Rohail Ali Members
Mr. Furqan A. Majeed Kath Members


History Book

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OMYS History Book Shama-e-Elim


Annual Report 2017


Annual Report & Audited Accounts 2017


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