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Publication & Communication Committee

Mr. Abdul Razzak Haji Ahmed Lakha
Publication, Communication & I.T Committee
Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Yousuf Gaba Member
Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Haji Muhammad Jakhura   Member
Mr. Abdul Nasir Abdul Ghani Vayani   Member
Mr. Muhammad Shehzad Usman Karar Member
Mr. Muhammad Ali Usman Vayani  Member
Mr. Muhammad Arif  Tayyab Suriya   Member
Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Gaba  Member
Mr. Abdul Wahab Haji Kath Member
Mr. Abdul Karim Noor Muhammad Banvariya  Member
Mr. Muhammad Imran Abdul Sattar Ganatra Member
Mr. Nazim Moosa Karar Member
Mr. Muhammad Shahid Abdul Razzak Kath Member
Mr. Nadir Nasir Suriya Member

News & Views (Online)


Edition No # 1, October-December 2018


Annual Report 2017


Annual Report & Audited Accounts 2017


History Book

Screenshot 2018-04-08 09.28.04

OMYS History Book Shama-e-Elim


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