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Executive Council 2016-18










 Executive Council Members for the Year 2016 -18












































Mr. Abdul Haseeb Hussain Vayani


Mr. Muhammad Yasir M. Iqbal Markatiya














































Mr. Muhammad Ashraf M. Usman Panjwani  


Mr. Zain ul Abideen M. Ibrahim Pasta














































Mr. Abdul Basit Abdul Aziz Ghaziani          


Mr. Muhammad Fahim Dawood Karar














































Mr. Muhammad Kashif A. Razzak Vayani


Mr. Muhammad Bilal M. Hanif Markatiya













































Mr. Ebrahim Ali Muhammad Markatiya  


Mr. Muhammad Muzammil M. Hanif Kath














































Mr. Sualeh Muhammad A. Rasheed Gaba  


          Mr. Muhammad Ali M. Ebrahim Ganatra














































Mr. Muhammad Asif A. Ghaffar Vayani    


Mr. Muhammad Waqas M. Iqbal Darbar














































Mr. Muhammad Waqar Ibrahim Mamdani  


Mr. Kamran Muhammad Iqbal Karar














































Mr. Muhammad Ismail Abu Bakar Gaba    


Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Hussain Hashim Kath














































Mr. Naveeb Habib Muhammad Toberiya  

Mr. Muhammad Noman M. Iqbal Pasta














--  CO-OPTED MEMBERS 2016 -18  --
















































Mr. Abdul Wahab Khamisa Ganatra    


Mr. Altaf Ahmed A. Ghani Vayani
















































Mr. Anees Abdul Razzak Kath


Mr. Sohail Adam Toberiya






































Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed Ganatra







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