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Our Mission


1. To devise way and means for eradication of illiteracy in the Community particularly amongst the women folks and to take steps to raise their educational, health and cultural standards

2. To organize students welfare program, including financial and other assistance to needy students.

3. To take steps to compile statistics on the different aspects of the community life so as to properly comprehend the various problems and to focus the attention of the Community on these problems and their solutions.

4. To promote and take steps to spread the Islamic ways of life amongst young people in particular and Okhai Memon Community in general.

5. To promote and provide facilities for physical, moral, cultural and intellectual development by arranging social gatherings, seminars, symposia, debates, publication of periodicals, pamphlets, booklets, documentary film shows, exhibitions, dramas, games and other allied activities, including establishment and maintenance of libraries, schools, reading rooms, study centers and industrial homes, computer training centers and hospital.

6. To commence, receive and administer Funds, including Zakat Fund, for educational and charitable purposes as may be permissible.

7. To undertake, do and perform all such acts as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the foregoing aims.

News & Views (Online)


Edition No # 2, January -June 2019


50Years Souvenir


OMYS 50Years 1968-2018
Golden Jubilee Souvenir 

Annual Report 2018


Annual Report & Audited Accounts 2018


History Book

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OMYS History Book Shama-e-Elim


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